Product Spotlight: Plasma Arc Welding Accessory Kits

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Carlsbad, Calif.— Whether you’re using the Thermal Dynamics 2A, 3A, 4A and PWM300 Plasma Arc Welding Torches, setting up a new Plasma Arc Welding station, or optimizing your existing welding station,’s Plasma Arc Welding Accessory Kits are fully loaded with a variety of performance proven parts.

Designed by technicians, the kits allow you to fine-tune your existing plasma arc welding torch, or get your new torch dialed in and ready to weld.

Operations manuals often suggest options for various amperage settings, adjustments and top sizes. “The benefit of the Arc-Zone kit is that every part you need is stored in one convenient and rugged kit box,” says Jim Watson, founder and CEO of “From replacement shield cups, back caps, pre-ground electrodes, shield cup gaskets, to long tips you’ll have easy access to the parts you need to customize your torch, minimize downtime, and you’ll have the quality to minimize variables.”

Whether you’re ordering the standard kit or the deluxe kit, you’ll also get Joe Welder’s Guide to Optimizing Your Plasma Arc Welding Torch. And re-ordering parts for your kit is easy: each kit is labeled with a custom made lid card that identifies each component, and a super cool Weld Like A PRO™ sticker.

Founded in June 1998,®, Inc. delivers proprietary, brand name and OEM replacement parts and accessories for GMAW, GTAW and Plasma Arc Welding and Cutting applications to customers worldwide.

Though not affiliated with Thermal Dynamics Corporation, Arc-Zone supplies OEM and high quality replacement parts manufactured to demanding specifications and engineered to be interchangeable with Thermal Dynamics® parts, are not OEM parts and are not endorsed by Thermal Dynamics®

For more information, visit the web site at, call 760-931-1500 or email

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