TIG Welding with CK Worldwide Torches

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At Arc-Zone.com we’ve been expanding our line of CK Worldwide products online. On our website, you’ll find most of CK’s Master TIG line of TIG torches and replacement parts—including the Flex-Loc and Micro-Torches. These CK torches offer quite a few improvements over traditional parts’ designs, targeting some of the common complaints in the industry:


Wedge collet for CK Worldwide Series 2 TIG Torch If you’re having problems with collets losing their shape due to high amperage applications, try the Wedge Collet. This collet design uses an interference fit to lock the electrode into place, rather than the clamping action of traditional collets that tends to wear out faster.


CK Worldwide rugged Contractor Series TIG TorchIf the threading in your torches is wearing out from accidental cross-threading or just from heavy use, try the Contractor Series torch (CK-C150). This 150 Amp Air-Cooled torch uses all the same front end parts as traditional 17-Series TIG torches, but the torch body is made of Stainless Steel. CK Worldwide has perfected this design so that you get the full 150Amp capacity (100% Duty Cycle) in a TIG Torch that is designed to last in the harshest environments.


And, if you haven’t tried CK Worldwide’s SuperFlex power cables on your air-cooled TIG torch then you need to find out what you’ve been missing! These single piece air-cooled power cables are so flexible and light weight that you can coil them around your hand—and the pricing is almost unbelievable.

CK Worldwide has a proven track record in the industry offering products that address the needs of welders in the field. From specialty low-profile TIG torches to high-visibility Gas Saver parts, CK innovations can really improve your welding process.

If you don’t see something you’re looking for, give us a call; if it’s not online, we still have it—and if it doesn’t exist, there’s a chance that CK Worldwide will make it custom. Their technical expertise and dedication to excellence in the industry is impressive.


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