The Turbo-Sharp X Handheld Tungsten Grinder Review

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Today, we are reviewing CK Worldwide’s new Turbo-Sharp X Tungsten Grinder. It’s the same grinder as the Turbo-Sharp V, however, it has an improved motor.

Turbo-Sharp X Handheld Tungsten Grinder

The Turbo-Sharp tungsten grinder uses a professional grade motor making it a great unit for job sites and small shops. Although it’s a ‘Hand-Held’ model, our testers found it unrealistic to hold the unit with one hand while rotating the electrode with the other.  Thankfully, CK Worldwide has already addressed this issue by including a vice-mounting bracket as a standard accessory. It is a fully enclosed grinder, and unlike the dust collection design of the TechSouth Powerpoint DCS, the Turbo-Sharp X does a fantastic job of containing nearly all of the grinding dust.

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CK Worldwide even went so far as to include a shop-vac attachment for cleaning the dust from the grinding chamber; this is safety at its best.  The only other Hand-Held grinder that offers this level of safety is the Neutrix. On the side of the grinding chamber is the grinding head, which has ports for sizes .040” to 1/8”. With the wrench included with the machine, it’s fairly easy to switch between sizes.

Gotta love the the Red Head!

Red Head for Electrode

A great side-kick to your Turbo-Sharp X is the (optional) Red Head that will handle 5/32”, 3/16” and 1/4”; this is the only hand-held that can grind electrodes that large! On the grinding head and next to the electrode ports, is a very simple degree scale. We wouldn’t call it “precision”, but our testers found it to be surprisingly accurate.  Because the grinding chamber is fully-enclosed, you can’t see how the electrode hits the wheel. Therefore, the degree scale makes it very easy to adjust the grind angle. At the end of the grinding chamber, you’ll find the port for grinding a tip flat. The tip flat process is a bit awkward with this unit, but when grinding the tip flat, dust doesn’t escape from the chamber. The downside to being so effective at containing the grinding dust is that the Turbo-Sharp X cannot cut electrodes.  However, for most of our testers that wasn’t a major problem, and they just had to remove the globs from the end of the electrodes before grinding.

The accessories for this grinder are perhaps the most exciting feature!

Turbo-Sharp X Handheld Tungsten Grinder Case

The grinder itself comes in the above pictured case with all of the basic necessities for the grinder. Although we don’t like bringing metal cases into electrical work environments, the design on the interior keeps everything in place very well. We mentioned the Red Head grinding attachment for larger electrodes, but CK Worldwide offers a Short Tungsten Kit, which can be used with the Red Head to grind as short as 3/4”.

 *The Turbo-Sharp X Tungsten Grinder Recap:

  • Does not cut
  • Does tip-flat
  • Grinds consistently
  • Handles large electrodes
  • Robust enough for very demanding environments
  • Above all, the Turbo-Sharp X is great for safety!





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