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Weldcraft WP-20 Water Cooled TIG TorchAn Arc-Zone.com customer recently emailed an information request:

I would like a quote on your MT-125 and WP-20 TIG torches and the power source that they can both be used with for welding stainless steel.

We get a lot of questions like this, and the first step is usually to get more information from our customer so we can be sure to get the customer exactly what they need. We’re always happy to put a quote together for a customer.

Both the MT-125 TIG Torch and the WP-20 TIG Torch can be used on many power supplies. Which power supply the TIG torch needs to be connected to will determine the type of connector we recommend: standard bolt on, international style DINSE or Gas Thru DINSE.

Arc-Zone.com doesn’t currently sell Power Supplies, we do put together “turn-key” welding packages for customers that want the best products complete and ready to go. But, for shoppers or someone who has the time and energy to assemble the needed components — we recommend your local supplier. You’ll be buying gas there, so it would be a good idea to establish a relationship with them. Miller has a great tool online, the Smart Selector, which walks you through the process of selecting the machine that’s right for you based on our application.

What length cables do you need, 12.5′ or 25′ ? and Do you already have front end parts (nozzles, collets, collet bodies, etc) for your TIG torch?

A Weldcraft brand industry standard torch package includes a torch body and basic vinyl cables and hoses. The premium torch package would include the FeatherLite™ heavy duty braided rubber power, water and gas hoses.

Arc-Zone.com sells an Arc-Zone PRO package which includes not only the TIG torch body and the FeatherLite™ heavy duty braided rubber power, water and gas hoses, we offer a cable cover and front end parts installed. Our TIG Torch PRO Packages are loaded and ready to weld.

You can also get an accessory kit, either the standard Weldcraft Accessory kit that includes a basic set of collets, collet bodies and nozzles for your torch– along with a back cap, and some tungsten– or get a PRO Accessory Kit from Arc-Zone.com with gas lens collets and collet bodies, nozzles, back caps and a Multi Pack of ArcTime™ Hyperformance, All Purpose Tungsten.

And if all this completely confuses you, give us a call and we’ll get you dialed in with the TIG torch that’s right for you.


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