Vortex™ Nozzles for TIG Welding

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I love innovation and one of the things I look forward to is developing new products.  As you may know, Arc-Zone.com carries the world’s largest selection of TIG welding products, including gas nozzles and related shielding gas accessories.  Our latest addition is the Vortex™ shield gas nozzle for precision TIG Welding.  The Vortex nozzle is engineered to deliver consistent shield gas coverage for a variety of applications from specialty alloys to hard to reach, and difficult to weld areas.


Necessity is the mother of TIG Welding invention

The Vortex™ Nozzle is precision CNC machined out of high-quality aluminum, then hard anodized for years of service. Each nozzle features an integral Teflon™ insulator that mates to the TIG torch body. On the other end a removable “threaded ring” retains the replaceable gas diffuser biskets (you get 3ea. biskets with each nozzle).  The Vortex™ nozzle has been designed and tested to optimize laminar gas flow within the nozzle plenum, and is guaranteed to perform.  Best of all they are made in U.S.A!      

The Vortex™ nozzle solved a  gas coverage problem when doing production welding of tube race car chassis that are made from 4130 (Chromoly) Annealed Alloy Steel.  The race car fabricators wanted to get the best possible welds so their chassis looked better, and were built stronger than the competition.  Additionally, they wanted to improve their operation by lowering costs, and with six full time TIG welders, they use a lot of argon shield gas– which is expensive.

Vortex™ TIG Nozzles deliver consistent shield gas coverage for difficult out-of-position TIG welding application like tube clusters and applications with contours that are difficult to follow.  They also provide consistent gas shielding as the operators moved around the tube clusters.

Vortex nozzle for TIG Welding

With the Vortex™ nozzle your torch angle is not as critical, so you get improved gas coverage, and you spend less time and effort trying to “position” your TIG torch and gas nozzle to follow the weld joint. Vortex™ nozzles are a low-cost alternative to extra large gas lens collet bodies, trail cups and other purge welding devices. Deigned to work in conjunction wit a traditional Gas Flow Strainer™ (gas lens) for standard parts integration.

The Votex™ nozzle saves you money and time!  Efficent gas usage is at the heart of the nozzle, we suggest using a flow rate of just 20 CFH for the Vortex™ TIG nozzle.  Compare that to they so-called “new” “game changing” cups that require 30 CFH flow rates to get a good weld.  In my professional experience, anything that requires that much argon is not a solution, it’s a problem!

Vortex nozzles for TIG Welding PRO Kit

We make it easy for you to get up to speed — You can buy the Vortex TIG nozzle by itself, or in one of our PRO Kits for your
17/18/26 & 3-Series TIG Torches or your 9/20 & 2-Series TIG Torches.  Our innovative Pro™ kits include everything you need to keep welding-like-a-pro™!


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