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David from Peoria (Arizona!) wrote in and asked:

….about “spray arc transfer MIG.” I tried it with my Miller 8VS and Syncrowave 200 (on CC mode). It sounded like TIG, but I ruined a tip & nozzle. Is this type recommended “at home,” or do you need a bigger multi-processor power source, and what are the advantages?

I quickly replied:

Thanks for your question…. the spray arc transfer process is mostly used for thicker metals, and you definitely need higher voltage and current… that said, we currently (no pun intended) don’t have a lot of products and resources for MIG welding. I would highly recommend a call to Miller directly (Phone: 920-734-9821). They’ll be able to guide you better given the machine you have.

I also recommended a couple of articles, one from Miller and one from Lincoln:


Dave may have felt bad that we couldn’t directly answer his question (we can usually offer a referral if there’s something we can’t answer) so he sent in this follow up via email:

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, Miller doesn’t recommend spray arc with the Syncrowave 200. Not enough output. They suggest an inverter unit like the 350 XMT, or compatible 3-phase multi-processor. I do have a question that you can answer.

As you may know, the Miller Syncrowave 200 is a somewhat advanced square wave machine. It features pulse, background adjustments for proper cleaning (AC aluminum), and a few other perks. It’s still, however, a transformer, rectifier machine. What tungsten do you, the professional, recommend for these types of machines. I’ve had good results on mild steel with 2% Thoriated, and fairly good results with pure tungsten on aluminum. Remember, it’s not an inverter machine, so I cannot adjust the “frequency” (Hz are 60 cycles) unlike the Dynasty 200 DX.

Of course a tungsten question is right up our alley. In fact, we just introduced a new, improved version of our ArcTime™ Hybrid All Purpose Tungsten, which we highly recommend for all metals and all welding machines.

Good Luck Dave, and thanks for stopping by– your t-shirt is on its way!


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