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The difficulties and complexities surrounding the art of gas tungsten arc welding can frustrate even the most expert welders and fabricators. While scouring the web for the latest industry news, I came across a how-to article on TIG torch assembly…hope you enjoy!

Tips for TIG torches: Simplifying torch assembly Jack Fulcer, Practical Welding Today, 11/11/2008

Proper installation of GTAW torches–whether air- or water cooled–is just one bullet on a long list of reasons that GTAW is so complex. The best way to simplify torch installation is to become familiar with the components and how to assemble them properly.

As if gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) weren’t already difficult to master, GTAW torches have numerous interchangeable parts and designs to further complicate matters. CONTINUE READING ABOUT TIG TORCH ASSEMBLY ONLINE –>

Or check out Jim Watson’s video tutorial on How to Build a Water Cooled TIG Torch:


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