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welder-in-blueWe have posted a lot of information regarding employment opportunities in the welding and metal fabrication industries. But, how can you get started? An article in The Fabricator Magazine features practical advice for beginning your career as a welder. Marty Rice, a welding instructor from a high school career center in Texas and an honorary member of the Ironworkers Local 263, shares his story- his challenges and his triumphs. He also provides tips for achieving the career goals you set for yourself. With a little smarts and alot of sweat, you can achieve the goals you set.

Learn your trade, pay your dues
Advice for new welders
By Marty Rice, Contributing Writer

Welding jobs may not be as plentiful as they once were, but welding instructor Marty Rice believes a lot of welding work is “waiting to bust loose once the economy straightens out, and there’s always work in welding, if you’re willing to pack a suitcase.”

Rice has some advice for those embarking on a welding journey.

I’ve paid my dues during my long and crazy welding career. I’ve had good jobs and bad jobs, good bosses and bad bosses, and I’ve met good and bad people in the field. In my opinion, one good person makes up for a bunch of lousy people. Which do you want to be?


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