10 Must Have Welding Tools

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Want to turn metal into money? The At Home Welder website provides tips for breaking into welding, even for the absolute beginner. Features include free designs and videos of how to make them.

Opportunity without preparation is wasted. In the following video, Andy, with The At Home Welder shows you 10 essentials tools you need to get started as a welder as well a pricing and places where these items can be purchased.

Of course, as always shop Arc-Zone.com for everything from welding safety apparel, to TIG Torches – replacement parts- and accessories, MIG Guns, Oxy-Fuel torches, remote amperage controls, tungsten electrodes, and welding helmets…. we even have a nice selection of books and DVDs for your welding library.

What are your Weld Shop Must Haves? Is there one tool you couldn’t do without?


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