Spotlight: Plug-N-Weld™ Connector Kits

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I can’t tell you how many calls we get from distributors and end users trying to get the parts they need to hook up a TIG torch. Plug-N-Weld (tm) KitWe solved the problem with the New Plug-n-Weld TIG Connector Kits. No more wasted time trying to find adapters, converters, or the proper connectors. If you’re a counter salesman at a welding supply shop, this kit makes it easy for you to get your customers exactly what they need. If you’re a buyer for a construction site, tool room or maintenance department you can save valuable time and money with Plug-n-Weld kits.

Choose the Air Cooled TIG Torch Plug-N-Weld ™ Kit or the Water Cooled TIG Torch Plug-N-Weld ™ Kit— Thes handy kits include everything you’ll need to hook up an air, or water-cooled TIG torch to welding machines with small and large Dinse type recepticles, gas-through and standard solid pin, the also includes a threaded stud adapted to convert machines with mechanical stud connections to the Dinse style, for simple no tools-needed torch change out.
Save time and money — Plug-n-Weld Kits are organized into one sturdy kit box, with a lid card that identifies each part, making re-orders quick and easy.

IMG_2941_smallNow when you arrive on a job site you can start building – no more jackin’ around with suppliers and OEM’s trying to figure out what you need to connect your torches. With your torch, the TIG machine and a Plug-n-Weld Kit you are ready to start burning some rod!


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