Avoiding Weld Porosity

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Master fabricators are always looking at ways to improve their weld quality…  This article has some great tips:

22 possible causes of weld metal porosity
Take a look at gas flow, material conditions, and consumables to prevent this defect

By Phil Evans, Contributing Writer, The Fabricator

Porosity is a weld defect that is fairly common, but also fairly easy to fix. What issues contribute to weld porosity? This checklist gives a welder a good idea of what might be causing the problem.

Weld metal porosity is not a welcome sight in a weld bead, but it shows up all too often. Porosity is weld metal contamination in the form of a trapped gas. Shielding gases or gases released as a result of the torch being applied to treated metal are absorbed into the molten metal and released as solidification takes place. In other instances, the shielding gas doesn’t completely reach the weld pool and the atmospheric air adversely affects the weld bead. CONTINUE READING OVER AT THE FABRICATOR–>

These tips are nothing new, but its always a good reminder (or a great checklist if you’re a noob!) You’ll notice that many of these welding tips have to do with shield gas, especially the delivery of it (are you outta gas??  is your torch properly maintained?  did you check your O-Rings lately?) and quality of materials.

Our own Joe Welder offers these instructions for taking care of your TIG  / GTAW torch:

And at Arc-Zone.com can set you up with all the equipment you need to ensure your welds are top quality!


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