Do You Need a New Wheel for your Tungsten Grinder?

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One of the most common questions we get from customers shopping for a dedicated tungsten electrode  grinder are:  how long will the wheel last?  and how do you know when your diamond grinding wheel is worn out?

As for how long a wheel will last–  not to be cagey, but it’s hard to say.  It depends on how much you use it, and how hard you use it…  in other words are you consistently prepping 1/8-in tungsten or .040-in tungsten  for your TIG welding or  plasma arc welding application?

NOTE:  if you are running an automated TIG or Plasma Arc Welding application you may want to consider pre-ground tungsten electrodes, prepped to your specifications to minimize variables.

You’ll have to visually inspect your grinding wheel to see the signs of wear:   “grooves” where there is no diamond grinding media.  On most tungsten grinders you can simply adjust the pick up point (where the tungsten contacts the wheel) this will engage fresh diamond media for continued grinding.  When you have moved across the entire face of the wheel it’s done — replace it!

In some cases the wheels become glazed over or smooth and no longer grind.  In that case you need to replace the wheel as well.

And don’t forget– offers the industry leading Core Exchange program for Diamond Grinding Wheels…   a great way to stretch your budget, check out the details at our webstore.  And while you’re over there, check out the line up of diamond grinding wheels for most every tungsten electrode sharpener on the market! (and Made in the U.S.A)

We also carry a line of tungsten electrodes for your TIG and Plasma Arc Welding needs, including premium brands like ArcTime Hybrid (good for all metals and all machines) and tungsten from top quality manufacturers like CK,  Sylvania and Weldcraft.


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