Welding Tool or Third Hand?

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We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite welding tools and accessories that can make your welding job easier:  The Snake Magnet Tool, the Hand Rest Glide Kit, and the TIG Torch Holder.

Snake Magnet Welding ToolThe Snake Magnet welding tool is the perfect welding tool for those jobs where you need a third (or even a fourth) hand. 

You can bend and twist this tool into position, use the magnets to hold your workpiece into place and you still have two hands left for welding!

And this extra hand will only cost you twenty bucks and some change!  Your Snake Magnet Welding tool comes with two flat magnetic pads and a spring clamp.  This welding tool will save you time in the weld shop or in the field… and will save your buddy from having to stand around holding your workpiece in place!  

Hand Rest Glide Welding ToolAnother great tool, especially when you’re welding a long bead, is the Hand Rest Glide kit.  You cut your own angle iron to the length you need, and this handy tool slips right on top allowing you to steady your wrist.  You can safely keep your hand and arm elevated while reducing hand and should stress–not to mention fatigue.  The Powder coated steel rest plate swivels 360° on the base for support in a full arc.  The kit includes Hand Rest and 2 Magnetic Mounting Bases.  Note:  the Cut Angle Iron is not provided.

TIG Torch HolderAnother favorite is the TIG Torch Holder.  Its fully enclosed Magnetic Base makes it easy to  clean up metal fuzz and allows the Gun Holder to be placed at any point on the table.  Use both slots for extra secure, non-slip storage, and quick slide-out access.

And finally, you may have noticed the cool table featured in these photos–the BuildPro modular welding table (we’ve written about this welding table before).  Because it’s modular, you can add to it as you need more room and have more budget.  And you can buy accessories for the welding table like clamps and fixturing tools that make this table a valued member of your welding team!  Everyone in our shop wants to take one home….






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