Welding Applications for Winter Weather

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Since Arc-Zone is based in sunny San Diego, California, the only snow we get stays in the mountains, where it belongs.  We’d much prefer to surf in the morning and ski or snowboard at night.  San Diegans are generally peeved if the temperature drops below 65.  The worst we get is probably some rain that most people elsewhere would refer to as “light drizzle”.  But still, you never know when some showshoes may come in handy! Check out these custom fabbed snowshoes from Jake Thamm in Colorado:

By Eric Lundin

You purchase raw material.  You cut it, you bend it, you weld it, maybe you even coat it.  You make the best components you can, ship them to your customers, and hope to earn an honest day’s wages for an honest day’s work.  If you’re an OEM, you do much the same thing, but you ship complete products.  Either way, you probably don’t expect to win awards for your work, do you?

Jake Thamm didn’t start his fabricating venture expecting to win awards, but indeed he did.  An avid outdoorsman and entrepreneur, he ran across a unique snowshoe several years ago.  He tracked down the manufacturer, purchased the design, co-founded the Crescent Moon® Snowshoe Co., and in a few years increased the sales of the product tenfold.  And the snowshoe won a couple of awards from outdoor recreation magazines.


And if you’re the next Jake Thamm looking for TIG parts or torches, or tungsten electrodes for your TIG applications, be sure and check out Arc-Zone for all your welding accessory needs.


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