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JUNE = NATIONAL SAFETY MONTH – We’re all about safety here at the Zone. So the Arc-Zone crew, who are pretty funny and a little bit weird have selected this hilarious edu-taining video to remind you to always protect your assets!

Be sure to also look for tips about your welding helmet, and protecting your eyes, proper gear to protect the rest of your body from sparks and heat and even sun!


We’ll also have tips on  and how to keep your welding environment safe. In fact, we just ran across this article, “Protecting your welding assets: 
Scheduled maintenance and safety are key concerns for your often overlooked welding equipment. Here’s what to look for, plus a general schedule for routine maintenance of engine-driven welders,” from Machinery and Equipment magazine online.

The article has some great tips on maintaining your welding equipment–which we think is a big part of safety. The last thing you want is a gas leak, for example, in an environment full of sparks!

Tips from the article:

  • Inspect your equipment for proper electrical grounding.
  • Check all your connections and cables for wear and tear.
  • Make sure your gas cylinders are secured.
  • Keep your  welding torches in good working order.
  • And too many great welding safety tips to list!

The article even includes a recommended maintenance schedule  for your weld shop… Read/download/print here.

And if you need some safety apparel, Arc-Zone has the best welding wear from Miller, and Revco.  And all the welding accessories to ensure your machine is running safe and you’re welding at your best!



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