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After re-introducing the Arc-Zone Monster(tm) TIG nozzle last month I did a Google search and ran across a post from 2009. The reviewer, a new welder, had said the Monster nozzle was a monster waste of cash. (ouch!)  Unfortunately, I replied noting that the picture shown was not, in fact, our pink Monster Nozzle, but was the white Champagne nozzle and that the nozzle was not installed with the Teflon(R) gasket needed for the “Stubby” front end parts.   You can read the post and my replies on Ben’s blog …. but I wanted to make some additional corrections here, on my own blog– I had forgotten the history of our product.

When we first introduced the Monster(tm) TIG Nozzle our customers experienced great success. The Monster TIG Nozzle is 1″ (25.4mm) also referred to as a #16 orifice made of alumina oxide material (pink ceramic).  Initially it was designed for the 9/20 series TIG / GTAW torches, and needs to be used with a gas lens collet body for a cohesive gas flow.  This makes it a great accessory for TIG welding metals like stainless and titanium.  Airline repair facilities and others have used it for years, and in fact, you can see a photo of the Monster TIG Nozzle in action in an article from Practical Welding Today, “Delta repair welders aim high.” 

Starting in 2008, the company that manufactured our diffuser screen stack for us folded and we were unable to find a quality replacement.  For a short time we substituted the Champagne nozzle, which was copied from Arc-Zone’s original Monster nozzle, so the exterior shape is similar. The difference is the Champagne nozzle uses a “white” ceramic material, and one dense stack of screens with a metal ring that is sized for the tungsten to pass through. The screens are held in place by a steel retaining wire, with a hook on it. We found that those items significantly reduce the available surface area and cause the gas to be disrupted as it flows around those obstacles. Ultimately we took our Monster Nozzle out of our web store.

I wish Ben had contacted us back when he tried the nozzle–we have a No Hassle Return policy we’re very proud of.   In fact, I’m offering Ben a replacement, even though more than 30 days have passed… that’s how much I believe in the quality of our Monster TIG Nozzle.

We’ve now sourced a quality manufacturer and have re-introduced the Monster TIG Nozzle, and the Monster Nozzle Pro Kits.

Monster Nozzle Pro Kit
Monster Nozzle Pro Kit

Monster TIG nozzles available in two ways:

Single tungsten size Monster Nozzle:
Kit includes a Monster Nozzle with diffuser bisket, a verified-quality gas lens collet body, collet and Teflon gasket.  You can select the tungsten sizes you need for your application, and your torch model– 2, or 9/20 series or the 3, or 17/18/26 series TIG torches.

The Monster Nozzle Pro Kits: (the whole enchilada)
Kit includes a Monster Nozzle with 3 diffuser biskets, a range of verified-quality gas lens collet bodies, collets, a Teflon gasket, long, medium and short back caps with spare o-rings– Plus a couple standard gas lens nozzles for those every day jobs.  Also included is our ArcTime™ Hyperformance All-Purpose Non-Radioactive Rare Earth Tungsten Electrodes.  Pro Kits available for the 2, or 9/20, and we offer  a Pro Conversion Kit for the 3, or 17/18/26 series TIG torches.


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