What IS a TIG Torch Package?

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One comment we hear often about TIG Torch packages “What do you mean a torch package only includes a torch body and a cable?”  

Arc-Zone TIG Torch Packages

Those of us in the industry are used to this, but fabricators new to the industry can easily end up ordering a TIG torch that they can’t use—at least until they buy the front end accessories.

A premium TIG torch package includes rubber cables and hoses, and a standard package includes vinyl, plastic cables and hoses.  What you don’t get is the front end parts you’ll need to actually use you torch:  gas nozzles, collets and collet bodies, a back cap, and tungsten electrodes.

TIG Torch Accessory KitIf you already have the TIG torch accessories you need, a standard or premium torch package is the way to go, but if you’re just starting out, or have a welding project that requires a different front-end setup for your torch, you’ll need to get the proper parts.  Keep in mind, what makes a quality TIG weld is how you accessorize the front end of your TIG torch.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing torch (air to water cooled, for example) or if you’re putting together a new welding setup, you’ll get the best weld with our Arc-Zone PRO packages.

Our Pro™ TIG Torch Packages Include:

  • TIG TorchTIG Torch with durable, super flexible rubber cables

  • 3/32″ (or 1/16” depending on the torch) Collet, Gas Lens Collet Body and Gas Nozzle, and Long Back Cap Installed

  • Flexible Ballistic Nylon Cable Cover Installed (water-cooled torches)

  • Long Back Cap

  • ArcTime™ Hybrid “Multi-Metal” Non-Radioactive Tungsten Electrode (pre-ground at a 22 degree angle)

  • Joe Welder’s™ Guide to Optimizing Your TIG Torch Performance

This torch package is ready to weld right out of the box!

We include the 3/32” or 1/16” set up because that is the most commonly used and is a good set up for most general welding applications.  If you’ll be working on a variety of welding projects, or some specialty set ups, you may want to add an accessory kit to your order. Arc-Zone offers everything from basic starter kits to our PRO accessory kits, Gas Saver Kits and Monster Nozzle kits that will give you everything you’ll need… to Weld Like a PRO™ 

We don’t include the DINSE connector for your power cable… you’ll have to order the small or large DINSE plug, or if you have an older machine, the threaded stud to DINSE converter to more easily connect your TIG Torch.  Check the owner’s manual  for your machine, or give us a call–our technical service team can hook you up!


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