Saving Money with Pre-ground Tungsten Electrodes

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One of the best ways welding manufacturer’s that do TIG, Plasma and Orbital welding can save money is by using pre-ground tungsten electrodes. While it may sound expensive, in the long run your company will experience more consistent performance and less downtime with pre-ground tungsten electrodes.

Consistent Finish for Consistent Performance

Turbo 4 Tungsten Electrode Grinder
Turbo 4 Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Arc-Zone is the world’s leading supplier of tungsten electrodes and tungsten electrode grinders, we offer every model from hand-held to production units, including several grinding stations that deliver a precise cut-to-length and ground finish. But you can ensure even better precision with pre-ground tungsten electrodes. Arc-Zone pre-ground electrodes are made from the highest-quality material that is precision CNC cut and ground– to meet your welding specifications. Each pre-ground tungsten electrode is cleaned, packaged and shipped to your door when you need them.

Precision ground electrodes are especially imperative with Plasma Arc Welding, automated TIG welding, and micro TIG welding applications. In fact, we stock pre-ground tungsten electrodes for Weldcraft® WP-125 (MT-125) and WP-50 Micro TIG torches, and for your Thermal Dynamics® Plasma Arc Welding Torches. Ready for immediate delivery. We can even work with you to schedule deliveries based on your production demands.

When ordering pre-ground tungsten electrodes you have two options: a traditional precision diamond ground finish or a diamond-ground and polished finish. For most applications ground electrodes are best, and by far the most economical choice.

Polished electrodes offer significant performance improvements in weld quality and arc starting. You’ll also experience extended arctime, which is ideal for orbital and automated applications saving you time and money, directly contributing to your bottom line.

Minimize Variables and Minimize Downtime

Pre-ground tungsten electrodesPlasma Arc Welding is a highly technical, very precise process. With its narrow columnar arc even the slightest adjustments can cause problems such as premature torch failure. Not only are the PAW torches expensive to replace, downtime can cost you even more money.

Here’s a white paper on Optimizing Plasma Arc Welding Performance(pdf)  that covers other possibilities when you’re experiencing torch failure.

With pre-ground tungsten electrodes you can be assured that any production problems are not the result of inconsistent tungsten. In fact, Arc-Zone only offers tungsten electrodes from trusted suppliers to ensure you DON’T get varying diameter, bent electrodes, or flaking paint.

Quality versus Quantity Tungsten Electrodes

Tungsten electrodesOne of the most common complaints we hear from our customers about tungsten is that import tungsten from local suppliers varies in appearance, size, material finish and welding performance– from poor arc starting to short tip life.

Buy from a trusted source. Whether you’re using Arc-Zone’s ArcTime™ Hybrid tungsten, which we highly recommend, or a traditional tungsten blend like 1.5% Lanthanated (Gold), 2% Lanthanated (Blue), 2% Ceriated (Grey), 2% Thoriated (Red), Zirconiated (Brown) or Pure (Green). Arc-Zone delivers the world’s largest selection and the best quality from our own ArcTime™ and Amplify™ brands, to Diamond Ground Products, CK Worldwide, Wolfram, and Weldcraft brands. You get the highest-quality tungsten material manufactured with adherence to ISO 6848 and AWS A5.12 standards.

In addition, Arc-Zone performs a 5-point Inspection process. Here’s why:
Tungsten Electrodes: what’s the difference?

Blanket Purchase Orders

We’ll work with you to determine the quantities you’ll need, and the specifications of your tungsten electrodes and we’ll stock those parts for you. We’ll get you the best quality, and for large quantities, we’ll be able to get you the best price too.

Tungsten Re-grinding Service

Additionally, we offer the industry’s leading regrinding service. We make it easy for you to return your spent tungsten electrodes for re-grinding to like new condition, saving you time and money. All our re-grinds are precision cleaned and CNC ground to your specifications, packaged and shipped to you when you need it.

Call our technical support team for more information: 800-944-2243 (toll free USA) or 760-931-1500 (worldwide).


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