Arc-Zone’s PRO Series TIG Welding Torch Packages

Everything you need to TIG weld like a pro wrapped up in one pretty package!

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Crafter Series DecalBack in 1997 when I was working for Weldcraft, I developed the Crafter Series TIG Welding Torch.  In addition to some innovations in design, including modifications to the handle and improvements in cooling, the Crafter Series torch came “Weld Ready” meaning it was more than just a torch body. The Crafter Series included gas and water hoses, power cable, and 3/32” front end parts. If you are interested in the whole backstory, check out this post from 2013, “Thankful for: Weldcraft and the Crafter Series TIG Torch.”

TIG Welding Torch Packages

Most TIG Torch packages sold today only include the torch body along with its cables and hoses. As a company, we recognized that there was a need to offer a more complete package for metal fabricators. We jumped on the opportunity too add more value for our customers and Arc-Zone began offering upgraded TIG Torch packages.

Weld Like A PRO logo for TIG Welding Torch PackagesSoon you’ll see on our website torch packages labeled “Arc-Zone PRO Series.” These torch packages will include not only the TIG Torch and cables and hoses, they will be delivered with an Arc-Zone TIG Calculator, a product tag with torch’s parts breakdown a QR code for more information, and with the latest Tier I front end parts, and even a pre-ground tungsten, installed.  The water-cooled TIG torches will come with a cable cover installed.

 Gas Saver Nozzle for PRO Series TIG Welding Torch PackagesThe front end setup for the Arc-Zone PRO Series TIG torches will include the gas saver lens and clear cup, plus a spare No. 7 Alumina nozzle.

We’ll also include a gas flow tester to measure your gas flow at the nozzle. 

With the product tag and parts breakdown you’ll know exactly which replacement parts to order.

And, when you want to up your welding game, or switch your setup, you can scan the QR code for a complete parts breakdown that will show you all your options.

We’ll be offering these Arc-Zone PRO packages on most of the TIG welding torches we sell, whether they are from CK Worldwide, or Miller/Weldcraft.  These packages will be not only Ready-to-Weld, but will get you ready to Weld Like A PRO™.


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