Sharpie Tungsten Grinder PRO Kit

The Sharpie Tungsten Grinder is the handy tool every TIG welder needs by their side.

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Sharpie Tungsten GrinderSince we introduced the Sharpie™ tungsten electrode sharpener back in 2000 (that’s 15 years ago!)  it has remained one of our most popular products.

Not only is it a cool tool to have in your shop, with a dedicated tungsten grinder you can improve the quality of your TIG welds and lower your tungsten usage.

The Sharpie™ tungsten grinder is a hand-held tool that preps tungsten electrode sizes .040″, 1/16″, 3/32″ and 1/8″ (1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm  and 3.2mm) quickly, easily and consistently. You can sharpen an electrode, and with the Deluxe model you can set the angle of the point, and repeat it over and  over again. The standard model has a pre-set grind angle that is good for most welding applications.

The Sharpie ships with a long-life double-sided diamond grinding wheel and produces  longitudinal grinds for consistent welds, deeper penetration and less re-work. You can also use it to to produce a tip flat–tungsten electrodes ground to a pointed tip can burn off and contaminate your weld puddle.  

With the built-in cut-off option, you can remove only the contaminated portions of the electrode. No more breaking electrodes which causes splintering of the tungsten, reducing electrode performance.

The PRO Kit is the way to go if you want to make sure you’ve got all the accessories you’ll need in one sturdy kit box. The Sharpie™ Weld Like a Pro Kit Includes our most popular accessory items. You get the .040″ (1.0mm) collet and a replacement double-sided diamond grinding wheel, for just $50.00–saving 25% over the price you’d pay if you purchased each of these extras separately.  You also get the industry leading technical guides  “How-to-Select Tungsten Electrodes” and “How-to-Grind Tungsten Electrodes” along with the complete operations guide with all replacement parts listed for your convenience.

Two Sharpie Tungsten Electrode Grinder Models To Choose From:

Sharpie™ DX “Deluxe”— The number one choice for low-cost tungsten grinding.  The Sharpie™ Deluxe model adjusts for a wide range of grind angles/tapers from 15-to-45 degrees (included angle) for virtually any TIG welding application.  The machine has the Tip Flat and Cut-off capability built-in.

Sharpie™ SD “Standard”—  This entry level machine has it’s grind angle pre-set at 20 degrees, a good, general-purpose angle for a variety of TIG welding applications.  The machine has the Tip Flat and Cut-off capability built-in.

If the Sharpie isn’t right for you, download this Tungsten Electrode Grinder Selector Guide (pdf), and  check out this overview of our comprehensive line up of tungsten electrode grinders:

Whether you use a Sharpie, or one of our other tungsten electrode grinders, from the robust production quality bench top tungsten grinders to other hand-held machines , I think you’ll find these technical papers on prepping your tungsten electrodes helpful:

Grinding Tungsten Electrodes with Diamond Wheels – (pdf)

Grinding Tungsten Electrodes – (pdf)

And remember Arc-Zone also offers the most comprehensive line of premium tungsten electrodes for welding, including our popular ArcTime™ Hybrid Non Radio-Active Tungsten Electrodes.


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