Everything You Need In ONE Welding Pro Kit

Look no further than our Gas Saver Pro Kits to equip you with all the TIG welding accessories you need to weld like a pro!

You know that getting the job done right, and on time requires that you have all the right components parts for your welding application. Here’s a look at our #1 Selling Pro Kit, the Gas Saver Pro Kit™ – It saves you up to 40% on Argon gas, delivers better puddle visibility, and reduces gas turbulence over the weld zone resulting in a more consistent weld every time.

  • Features 
    -One Each – .040″ (1.0mm), 1/16″ (1.6mm), 3/32″ (2.4mm) and 1/8″ (3.2mm) Wedge™ Collets and -Standard Tungsten Adapter with Screens
    -One Each – Collet Body
    -One Each – Standard Diameter Push-On Pyrex (Clear Glass) Nozzle for Improved Visibility & Gas Savings
    -One Each – No. 4 = 1/ 4” (6.4mm), No.5 = 5/16″ (7.9mm), No.6 = 3/8″ (9.5mm), No.7 = 7/16″ (11.5mm) and No.8 = 1/2 “ (13mm) Alumina Push on Nozzles for use with Gas Saver™
    -Bonus — You Get a Handy TIG Welding Calculator — and — Joe Welder’s™ “Guide to Optimizing Your TIG Torch” — and — The Popular Articles on “How-to-Select” — and — “How-to-Grind” Your Tungsten Electrodes for Optimum TIG Welding Performance
  • Advantages
    -Parts Compatible with All Popular TIG Torches
    -Novice TIG welder & not sure what parts you need? This is the perfect kit
    -Job shops – with one Pro kit you can handle virtually every job that comes through the shop -door – it’s a no brainer!
    -Includes a handy lid card with exploded parts view, no more guessing how things go together
    -Part # Reference Guide
    -Made in the U.S.A.
    -Satisfaction Guarantee with No Hassle Returns

Need a custom kit? No problem, give the Arc-Zone Team a call and our in-house experts will quickly identify the exact components you need to get you Welding Like A Pro. 



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