Unique Gifts on Every Welder’s Wish List

Skip the holiday rush and check out all the tools and accessories you’ll need all in one place. And the best part is, you can shop from wherever you are!

unique gifts for welders

The holidays are arriving soon and, like most of us, you’re probably scrambling to find the perfect gift for the welder in your life. With so many parts, accessories and apparel to choose from, it can become a little overwhelming. But don’t worry because we’ve compiled a list of the unique, efficient, beneficial, and innovative products any welder would want.

Give the Gift of Welding Gear

Everybody knows welding can be dangerous. With sparks, gas and fumes, and the inevitable flashburn, it’s important to wear the proper welding gear. And if you ask any welder, they’re always interested in a fresh pair of gloves or jacket that hasn’t been burnt through yet.

Welding Jackets

Welding Jacket​​ $26.65-$93.55

One of the first pieces of personal protective equipment a welder needs is a welding jacket. The fabric is flame resistant and can stand environments with extremely high temperatures.

kevlar welding sleeves

Kevlar Welding Sleeves​​ $18.90

Welding sleeves provide additional protection because they cover any skin that may be exposed between a jacket and gloves. These sleeves are made out of kevlar material to provide ultimate protection against flames, sparks and sharp objects.

Half-mask resipirator

Half Mask Respirator​​ $29.75

This respirator will protect your welder’s lungs, all while fitting easily underneath the helmet without blocking the field of vision. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit all faces and heads.

Auto-darkening welding helmet

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet​​​​ $77.96-$407.55

An auto-darkening helmet is a huge advantage to any welder. It adds convenience and comfort to not constantly flip the lens ups and down.

What good would all this new gear be without a new bag to store it in?!

Welding Gear Bag

Welding Gear Bag​​​​ $83.55

This welding bag and backpack fits everything a welder could possibly need! There is room for a helmet, tools, lunchbox, gloves and more, making it the best welding bag out there.

Tools of the Trade

Now that your welder looks the part, it’s time for them to act the part. Arc-Zone carries the best welding tools and accessories in the world. We’ve also tried our hand and succeeded at creating even better products. Take it from us, these next items are a must-have for all welders.

Multitool Grinder

Multitool Grinder $450-$614.19

This tool may look like a traditional belt sander but it’s capable of so much more. With a belt speed of 5,400 surface feet per minute and 5 grinding areas, the Multitool removes up to 5 times faster than a grit grinding wheel and offers not one but four different types of grinding. The belts change in a matter of seconds to allow for grinding, sanding, deburring and polishing.

TIG Torch Holder

TIG Torch Holder $20.95

This magnetic holder will stick anywhere on a metal table or tool box. TIG torch nozzles are delicate and shouldn’t be placed just anywhere. With this torch holder, you have a safe place for it to stay and know where your torch is at all times. It will fit any size TIG torch no matter what size back cap or how big the nozzle is.

Magnetic Grasshopper

Magnetic Grasshopper $19.95

This is the perfect tool for anyone that needs more than two hands. It is designed to hold, position and steady parts on square, round, and angled material. With a rotating magnetic base and spring loaded arms, it’s easy to adjust and the perfect tool to hold small parts for tack welding with full clearance.

Magnifier/Cheater Lens $5.75

When they need to see their welds a little bit better, the glass magnifier/cheater lens is the best option. The strength starts at 0.75 and goes all the way up to 3.50. The lens is an industry standard size that will fit most manufacturers welding helmets.

Custom Anodized Sharpie Tungsten Grinder

Custom Anodized Sharpie Tungsten Grinder $395-$445

The Sharpie Tungsten Grinder is one of our most popular tools. It grinds tungsten electrodes quickly and accurately with a clean diamond ground finish. For high quality welds with deeper penetration, less contamination and reduced tungsten waste, the Sharpie grinder is just what your welder needs. This specific edition is cordless with an industrial grade battery which is great for efficiency around any shop. And the best part is, they are customizable so your welder will get their hands on something that no one else has.

Rod Guard

Rod Guard w/ Rod ID Cap & Divider $24.98

Another customizable option for the welder that likes to stand out is the Rod Guard. These handy storage containers keep rods and filler materials airtight and your workspace organized. There are a variety of colors available, too, to coordinate with the rod type. You can also fit different types of Rod in each container with dividers and ID caps.

Arc Saber

Arc Saber – Magnetic Tungsten Storage Container $9.75

Our latest innovation in storage solutions is the ever popular Arc Saber, also known as the Tung-Taner. We offer it in two different sizes; standard electrode length and stubby. It features a magnetic bottom, thread-on cap with an o-ring seal, a wood strip to minimize atmosphere and moisture contamination, and lastly a handy sticker on the cap with a quick reference guide to tungsten tapers.

ArcTime Tungsten

ArcTime Hybrid Tungsten Sample Pack $29

If you’re going to get your welder a tungsten storage container, you may as well get them some tungsten to store in it. This hybrid tungsten is a non-thoriated blend engineered by Arc-Zone to be non-radioactive, and non-carcinogenic. It improves weld quality and offers superior arc stability as well as current continuity.

Gas Saver Pro Kit $106-$296.84

Maybe you’re not exactly sure what to get them but want to help fuel their passion for welding. We highly recommend a gas saver pro kit. Each of our kits come in a reusable storage container with a variety of TIG torch parts and accessories such as back caps, o-rings, tungsten electrodes, collets, nozzles, a TIG welding calculator, and more. It contains everything you need to equip a TIG torch for high quality welds.

Happy Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is supposed to be full of joy and peace. Don’t risk the hassle of choosing the right size, color, or brand. If there are too many options to decide, we highly recommend an Arc-Zone gift card.

Arc-Zone Gift Card

​​Arc-Zone gift card​​ $25+Available in multiple increments, a gift card to shop at their favorite welding accessory shop is the perfect stocking stuffer. 

For more safety gear, tools, accessories and equipment, visit  Arc-Zone.com, the welding accessory experts!

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