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EDITOR’S NOTE: Don’t worry, this is not a post about Annie Proulx ‘s novel, or even the movie with Kevin Spacey…. is located in Carlsbad, California which is just a few miles north of San Diego. Our office and warehouse is in an active and vibrant business park. In fact, when I located the business here a few years ago we chose it for that very reason. Plus it’s close to the service centers for UPS, FedEx and DHL. orders ready to ship!Last night I was in the Shipping Department. It was late and the guys were jamming to get the late day orders out. Dennis, our UPS driver, was there waiting.

It used to be the UPS guy would come early and not wait. He’d come back if he had time… but more likely we’d have to drive our “after pickup” load over to the UPS Office.

“How’s your load count?” I asked.

“Way down,” he said. “It’s sad.”

Then Dennis told me that Arc-Zone is the only company on his route that is consistent… As he picked up the last boxes to load onto his truck he said, “Man, you really do a nice job of packaging your orders. I bet your customers are happy to get a package for” PackageAnd we didn’t even tell him about the M&Ms that we include with every order!

Yes we do have a lot of raving fans and that’s why I’m proud to say Sales and Profits are up. closed out 2008 with a modest increase in sales and a huge improvement in our bottom line.

We’re looking forward to continuing the upward trend in 2009, because despite the current economic crisis, we see that the trend is steady. We’ll be here to serve the fabricators doing important repair work, and when the economy improves we’ll be serving fabricators working in construction and innovative areas like alternative energy laying the foundation for the future.


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