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I don’t know about you, but I sure get frustrated sometimes trying to get things done. You know how it goes: you call Company B, you get the run around, you get put on hold, no one can answer your question, your email goes unnoticed…. and you think to yourself, “the economy can’t be THAT bad, since Company B doesn’t seem to want my business!” They make it hard to buy from them.

I came across this great profile of a small business in Wisconsin (fact: Wisconsin is the home of Weldcraft).  One of the things that caught my attention, is that the company tasks every employee with Customer Service.  That’s how we roll at Arc-Zone.com! I also like their approach, that everyone learns from the shop floor on up. Check out the article from The Fabricator magazine:

The Wisconsin Family Robinson

Robinson Metal’s approach to fabricating has it growing when others weren’t

By Dan Davis
May 28, 2010

Anyone that works for Robinson Metal Inc. learns the business from the ground up. That approached has served it well as the De Pere, Wis., company has grown to become one of the largest fabricating jobs shops in the U.S.


And speaking of customer service, did you know that Arc-Zone.com offers LIVE CHAT on its website? It’s pretty trick, and we’ve got the lines covered from 6 am to 5 pm California Time. And if you’re not a great typist, don’t worry, we’re still available by phone at 800-944-2243 (USA) and 760-931-1500 (Worldwide). Or you can email sales@arc-zone.com.


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