The Venus Transit and Other Uses for Your Welding Helmet

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This past week, Arc-Zone has had hundreds of thousands of walk-ins and phone calls due to recent astronomical events…. Okay maybe not that many, but a ton! Why, you ask? Well yesterday, our brightest planet, Venus, passed right in front of the sun for nearly seven hours.

And in case you missed it, no need to worry. This rare event will occur again on  December 11, 2117. So don’t forget to mark it in your great-grand children’s calendar.  But what does all of this have to do with welding? Because staring at the sun for several hours attempting to witness Venus’s transition can cause blindness. So thousands of spectators needed No. 14 welder’s glass to protect their eyes against the suns harmful ultraviolet rays.

FYI, on November 13, 2012, there will be a total solar eclipse, so don’t forget to protect those eyes and pick up a welding helmet or replacement shield at before it’s too late!

Were you able to view Venus’s transition, tell us about it below!



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