How To Get the Most from your TIG Torch

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TIG TorchBuying a top quality TIG torch from a manufacturer like CK Worldwide or Weldcraft means making an investment, so you want to make sure you do all you can to get the most ROI.

gas lens exThe first thing we always recommend you add to your torch is a gas lens collet body.  The gas lens collet body is made of a series of layered concentric screens.  This construction creates a laminar gas flow of shield gas over the weld zone which improves the coverage and eliminates turbulence that can draw in contaminants.  As a bonus, with the gas lens you can extend your tungsten beyond the edge of the nozzle to improve your visibility.

Proper tungsten selection and preparation is also imperative.  We almost always recommend the ArcTime brand hybrid tungsten.  It is non radioactive, and works on all metals and with all power sources.  Our specialty manufacturing customers (those who manufacture yacht towers, aerospace parts, mountain bikes, and race car parts) have been using ArcTime for years. They choose ArcTime because of its excellent ignition properties, low burn off rates, and tip longevity. And it’s even affordable for a welding hobbyist.

GRINDINGWHEELSPICWe see a lot of advice on the online welding forums about how to prep  tungsten from using a bench grinder or a belt sander, to dipping the tip into a jar of chemicals. While all of those solutions are less expensive, none of them will give you the consistency, safety, and accurate grind that you’ll get with a dedicated tungsten grinder.  A tungsten grinder will improve your weld quality by consistently preparing your tungsten electrodes and creating the tip geometry that you need.  We always recommend (at a minimum) that you utilize a diamond grinding wheel that is solely used for grinding your tungsten. By doing so,  you’ll avoid contamination of your tungsten and get and excellent grind.



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