Welding Fix Of The Day ♕ – Monster 16 TIG Nozzle

Arc-Zone’s Monster 16, the first mass produced flooding cup. Available in single or double cup packs, as well as Pro Kits with everything you need to weld like a pro!

Welding Fix Of The Day - Monster16 TIG Nozzle

Quality & Innovation…
The Monster 16 was the first mass produced flooding cup. I was asked to make it around 1998 (before the Monster branding) by a couple of aircraft engine repair facilities. They guaranteed me they would buy them in quantities that would make it pay for the tooling investment. At that time, it was extremely expensive to make the injection molding tooling needed for a cup.
To be honest, I never thought it would be so popular, and spark a movement that other entrepreneurs would begin making their own versions. Long before IG, the guys that did specialty TIG welding, for large companies or small shops, often built their own flooding cups, trail shields etc. That was their “secret sauce” they rarely shared them with anyone.
Now there are a variety of flooding cups & trail shields available to meet any application challenge! If you are interested in the largest selection of quality TIG cups that are consistently available when you need them, checkout www.arc-zone.com 👍🏻
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