Looking for a MIG Gun?

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Great article here at The Fabricator magazine about how to select a MIG gun:

Welding guns 101: light- or heavy-duty?
Which semiautomatic GMAW gun is right for the job?

By David Bellamy

From tacking operations that require short arc-on times to completing long, continuous welds on thick plate, the welding gun needs to offer the appropriate welding capacity for the job.

When it comes to choosing welding equipment, welding operators may find themselves contemplating which power source to use—and rightly so. The power source significantly affects weld quality, productivity, and overall costs of welding. But having the correct semiautomatic gas metal arc welding (GMAW) gun for the job is equally important.


And when you’re ready to buy your MIG torch, check out the line-up at Arc-Zone.com: from hand-held to machine MIG guns and replacement parts to nozzle cleaning stations, wire feeders and flow meters, we’ll get you dialed in!


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